Set Up a Wireless Router Home Media Network on IP Address

Question: What is a home media network, and why would I want it? Can it be wireless router on IP Address?

Answer: Home media networking products that let you stream audio, photos and video from your PC to your stereo and TV are multiplying fast. The first such products streamed music only, but now complete media systems that handle virtually everything your PC can produce are hitting the mainstream.

If you have a Windows Media Center PC, the thing to get is a Media Center PC Extender, such as the router Linksys Dual-Band Wireless A/G Extender with ip address. These are basically intelligent Wi-Fi receivers for data stored on your Media Center PC. You can access all the content on your remote PC with a wireless keyboard or remote, and your TV monitor.

If you don't have a Xfinity Media Center PC, don't worry. You can still access all the media files on your networked PC via products like D-Link's MediaLounge DSM-320RD. The MediaLounge has a built-in DVD player as well as a card reader, so that you can stream discs and memory cards directly to your home entertainment system, as well as audio, video and photo content stored on your computer. You just connect the box to your stereo and TV, as well as to your wireless network, then run the guided setup on your Windows PC to find all your media. From then on, you can access it from your TV via remote control. The MediaLounge supports virtually every major photo, audio and video media type, including the Rhapsody, Napster and AOLRadio services.

If all you really want is to stream your digital audio collection, a lot of even simpler (and cheaper) choices are available. The two stars in this area are the Roku SoundBridge and Slim Devices Squeezebox. Both work with PCs and Macs, and multiple units can be placed around the house. For more wireless entertainment choices, see our